In September 2017, I soft launched House of Nicholetta  jewellery, accessories and lifestyle brand!  Fashion has always been my passion and I worked in Fashion retail for most of my life! Having my own retail shop has always been a dream, although initially it was about owning an Italian Shoe shop!   Welcome to one of my addictions- shoes!!

A Showroom is currently set up in Brighton East, to showcase my goods, and things are growing from there .  The support of friends and family has been immense and I am very grateful and humbled!  

I love running the Jewellery/accessory shows as they allow me to meet so many beautiful souls! 

I bring all my beauties to YOUR home/space and you organise a get together with your friends for a catchup, a giggle, maybe a couple of drinks and have fun playing dress up with friends. If you are interested in hosting one and enjoying the Free Jewellery Rewards, shoot me an email at:

Instagram and Facebook has been fun, and the feedback fantastic, but there continued to be a push to get a website up and running.  As much as I am a bricks and mortar person and would love a shop of my own in the future, the website was inevitable  and just a matter of time in today’s online world, so in March I launched my online shop!

House of Nicholetta is about sourcing, unique pieces with a sense of timeless style! We are about vibrant colours and textures and not necessarily about seasonal whims that will fade away… Although we still love to stock the very latest we hope that our choices allow you to wear your items in years to come!  After all Style is timeless and is a reflection of your personality.

At HON, we are about quality and all items are handpicked by me!  

I am aesthetically stimulated by different vibes, trends and collections whether modern, renaissance, baroque, mediterannean, classic, vintage, rock or pop…. 

My product choices are a reflection of these many worlds that YOU as a woman can carry inside her.  Our Jewellery and accessories can be worn  representing where YOU came from and what YOUR dreams are made of.  You can live an aura of independence, liberation, class and romanticism with pieces that are unique and inspiring.  Let your accessories complement your personality! Are you feeling luxurious, dramatic, playful, sensual, sporty, casual or romantic? We have something to complement your every outfit and let your personality shine with your outfits and your accessories in your home!

 I have always had a great interest in European design and finished products.  Maybe it’s because there seems to be timeliness about their designs, and in most cases they are made by artisans and craftsmen that have passed on generations worth of ideas and skill. A high quality product also means that it is generally a slowmade, slow-fashion item…. We are so used to this ‘fast-paced, fast fashion where something is worn a few times and thrown out, definitely not sustainable for our planet or our future.

Our vision is to embrace as many brands as possible from Europe and Australia (that are not obviously as expensive as the BIG names ie Gucci, LV Chanel) but with a dedication to handmade craftsmanship .  You may pay up more up-front, but if you consider the lifespan of a product, you end up paying less and the environment does not pay the difference and will thank you for it!  We currently carry products from Italy, France, England, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Cyprus.

Travelling to Europe has always meant that I have always spent hours waiting for a connection flight from either Dubai or Abu Dhabi airport!  I came across the Lambretta Watches a couple of years back and what attracted me to them was their vibrant colours and minimalistic design! They are an Italian brand reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s when the Lambretta Scooters were the most popular mode of transport in the European cities and countryside. They capture the feeling of freedom, fun and independence!

They're made in Sweden with a Japanese Miyota Quartz movement, and have a 2 year International warranty.  They have a range of leather and mesh bands in a range of vibrant colours and styles.

I was born in Cyprus and lived there my first 12 years, so products that are hand crafted and created from my homeland have a special place in my heart.  I look forward to bringing you more and more products created by Artisans in Cyprus and Greece!.  Just need to work on hubby for the next holiday lol!Handcrafted and Hand knitted in Cyprus we bring to you beautiful crochet bags by creator Vasiliki Zeniou.  She has been crocheting, children’s clothing and jewellery for the last 7 years and creating bags for about 2 years now.  Each bag can take 8-10 hours to crochet and then another 5-6 hours to line, format and create its final shape.  A lot of passion and expertise is displayed with these bags.  We have seen others that are similar in design but Vasiliki’s meticulous job is second to none! We have a few available designs and sizes on hand but we are happy to help design your own with your own choice of threads and colours.

If you are travelling to sunny lands, our summer fun hats can be folded and packed in your suitcase without drama or the fear of them breaking as they are made of Paper fabric, making them more durable and softer than straw. 
Perfect to pack and they reform back to their original shape when unpacked! Designed in France near St Tropez and made in Italy we have the right hat for you!  First of all they are unisex, so they can be shared with your partner (if your heads are a similar size of course lol!).  


Our Autumn/winter hats are a great way to update your Winter wardrobe collection.  They are 100% wool and come in 2 designs with a wool ribbon or a leather ribbon! 



Boheme is the latest collection from Australian company Bianc in Sydney and this collection is made in Turkey with all jewellery set in Brass, Gold plated in 24K Gold and set with semi-precious stones and pearls! All the products come with a one year warranty! With a rich bohemian luxe feel, let Boheme transport your Style to exotic places around the world!


Who doesn’t like a beautiful smelling candle burning in their space, eliminating cooking odours and raise the vibrations of your room, seeking a relaxing vibe.

Our range of candles from Wicker……. Do just that and so much more! they are also a great decor item creating ambiance with their flickering light and come with amazing inspirational messages setting positive affirmations throughout your space.


With over 60 hours of burning time they are hand poured with pure soy wax in Melbourne and we are proud to support Australian made!


 A car spray-painter by trade since the age of 14, Junior (his nickname) now living in Queensland always had a creative spark and a meticulous eye!.. It was only recently he decided to try something new and started creating these beautiful resin covered crosses in his spare time.  Created with plaster clay, moulds created by him, they are allowed to dry over several days.  They are sanded, painted, decorated and then covered fully in Resin, to give them a luxe glossy finish that also protects the paintwork- a process that takes approximately 2 weeks from start to finish!

Hang them to fill an empty wall space or use them on a coffee table as home decor.  Use as an item of religious interest and protection, or just appreciate the aesthetic and meticulous work gone into creating them.

They are sure to impress even the most fastidious customer.  We like to support up and coming talent and its our pleasure to offer these to you. 


Our fashion earrings are classified into colour collections to make your selection easier if you know you need a specific design or colour to match your outfit! From rich reds, to blues and pinks, golds and silvers, a section fit for brides and wedding guests, to small studs and hoops we’ve got you covered!  They have been sourced from over 30/40 different suppliers from Australian and Asian distributors and are all nickel-free!


We also have a range of necklaces and bracelets, hairpieces and bags, scarves and furs to elevate any outfit!

Not everything we stock is on line, there is jewels exclusively for the Showroom and Jewellery Shows only!


These are some of the products we have in store for you at our Showroom in Brighton East and on line at and we look forward to meeting and styling you in person or online!





April 19, 2018 — Nicholetta Kritikos

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