I can’t believe it! It is already ONE year since I first had my Soft Launch Parties for House of Nicholetta!!!! 

It has brought me so much pleasure looking and finding all the beautiful jewels and accessories for you, visiting lots of Fairs and overseas destinations, and trying to bring you the very best that defines House of Nicholetta Style!  
As you may know the HON woman for me, is one that embodies a timeless and classy style but one that showcases the very many moods, trends and personalities we can carry inside us (when we want, when we have time, when we don’t have kids hanging off us, or ubering teenagers around! Lo!)
This is why in my collections you will see, a myriad of different trends (if you may so call them) from bohemian to grecian to baroque to geometric and contemporary and artsy!!!   
Well if you don’t know me personally, I carry all these worlds inside me and within my personality, including a full rainbow of colours and eccentricities lol!  This is a reflection of me as your buyer, but I believe it serves you as my Guests and Customers, because you get access to so many styles and you can chose the one or many trends/styles that define you! 
One of the biggest highlights of this journey has been the many amazing women I have met either during visits to our Showroom or running the jewellery Shows!  Laughs, drinks, cakes and amazing friendships have developed from these, and I am forever grateful to the many friends that hosted a Jewellery Show, but even more so to the “then strangers” that took a punt on me and allowed me as a stranger to their homes to host!  Nothing gives me greater joy than to play dress-ups and offer you honest feedback, as well as try my best to provide you with the best customer and styling  service I can offer you.
Indeed it has been one of my hardest emotional years on file, in terms of personal development, understanding and setting family and friendship boundaries, trying to find the positive at the end of the tunnel and making my smile as sincere as possible.  But I always look at everything as part of learning and growing and have worked on seeing the positives of bad situations!  In fact I have learned and continue to learn to be as authentic as can be, my shopaholic tendencies are now showing up at work instead of home, lol! I have enjoyed practicing all titles: buyer, manager, shop assistant, website coordinator, instagram and Facebook guru, a hashtag makeupartist lol, a photographer, a blog writer (not), a fashion consultant, stylist and so many others….  It is amazing how much the concept of selling/serving product has changed over the years…. Forget the 4 or 8P’s taught in marketing subjects at Uni lol!  It is now a totally different crazy never-ending job….that can run your 24/7 if you allow it..…Anyway enough of that….but I need to mention a BIG THANK YOU to my hubby who has really stepped up with the boys and the domestic and Uber driving since taking this up! 
  • Launched our WEBSITE in March- slow and steady and definitely my most time consuming task to date with so much product.
  • Met over 250 amazing girls and women.
  • Donated $1000 to PANCARE to help fight Pancreatic Cancer from Jewellery sales.
  • Donated  $200 Vouchers to the Haileybury 2017 Carnival to raise funds for the school.
  • Donated $200 Vouchers to Fairbank Girls School ELC function to raise funds for their group.
  • Donated 2x Hampers to St Peters ELC Toorak to raise funds for their school.
  • Donated a Hamper of goods to Greek Mumbs and Bubs Group to raise much needed funds to help victims of the recent Athens fires.
  • Donated 7 pairs of earrings to the McKinnon Secondary College Relay Challenge.
  • Donated $150 vouchers for the Haileybury football club raffle.
  • Supported the Australian Paramedics by sponsoring their Journal.
  • Introduced Afterpay to help space your payments for being stylish!
Thank you!
A BIG THANK YOU to all of you that have supported me in this journey, and I look forward to servicing your fashion, jewellery and homeware needs in the year ahead…. 
Our Emphasis over the coming months will increase on European product (we have some beautiful Spanish and Greek fine Jewellery coming in Sep/October) plus there’s so much more we want to introduce you to… The emphasis will also increase on homestyle and more fashion.
Keep in touch, keep smiling, keep connected and please explore the ways that you can make some savings on our products by reviewing us on Facebook, website, following our pages, or booking a jewellery show, tagging us in your pictures and sharing the love!
We have some special ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY DEALS so stay connected and continue following our journey!  If you are not part of our Subscriber's list consider signing up to receive our special discounts and deals during this celebration period!

August 29, 2018 — Nicholetta Kritikos

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