Nicholetta- The Girl behind the Brand


Born in Cyprus and raised in Australia after age 12, Nicholetta was always into the beauty and adornment of fashion and accessories. She worked as a retail assistant since the legal age of almost 15 years old at a Westco Jeans store, and then worked her way up to Manager whilst at University. Later as a graduate from Monash University with a double degree in Bachelor/Arts, she trialled the corporate side of things for a few years, but felt that something was lacking- there was a lack of inspiration and excitement experienced from opening a box of new stock and seeing the latest products, merchandising her store and managing her staff!  It was then that she decided that she had to follow her passion, and re-entered the Retail Industry, successfully managing the Spanish giant MNG/MANGO store both in Bourke Street, and Chadstone.
What followed was the birth of her first born son- Emmanuel in 2006, followed 15 months later by her second born son, Raphael. This busy period, brought an end to Nicholetta’s working life for a considerate period of time, as she chose to concentrate on the special needs and longstanding sleepless nights of her firstborn, and caring for 2 boys under 2. 
In the meantime Nicholetta’s full creative efforts were put into decorating and styling her home, and dressing up her little spunks. She later designed and styled her new home, followed by working for a building company as a hostess for open for inspection homes!
After many years of procrastination she decided to get back into the fashion/retail world and her dream of a little girl was born "House of Nicholetta" in September 2017.
 Her boys, her loves!

Nicholetta’s Style

Nicholetta’s style is quite eclectic, classic and stylish, sometimes bohemian and vintage,  and sometimes very casual and in the comfort of her tracksuits.  One thing is for sure she loves COLOUR….Nicholetta loves and breathes the ooze, positivity and charm of colour -  Her house a WHITE canvas with splashes of colour in all her accessories, her wardrobe and especially shoes the colour of the rainbow!
Nicholetta believes that colour elevates her vibrations, puts her in a positive spirit and therefore reflects her mood at the time.  She finds it very hard to plan an outfit ahead of time because it may not reflect her mood and vibe when she puts it on!.
Nicholetta gets bored easily and life seems to have more meaning for her when she is surrounded by colour!

Why call it House of Nicholetta?

Nicholetta believes, home is where the heart lives, breaths and loves……… the love for your partner, your children, the love of styling your home, the dreams untold…… All passions start at home!
With two boys at home full of life and sports, for Nicholetta her home was always her "little girl or sister" she never had. "House of Nicholetta is now her "little girl' which not only gives her the satisfaction of being surrounded by all things pretty and nice, but loves seeing her clients happy and stylish!
The House of Nicholetta will offer jewellery, bags and accessories but ultimately and eventually embrace a full lifestyle solution, with homewares and other fashion.
Nicholetta’s business is run from a Showroom set up at home, and she showcases her finds at other peoples’ homes. She is an amazing host that looks to always please her Guests. 

Go on become a House of Nicholetta Guest today and join us in the fun!